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Running Related FAQs

Running Related FAQs

No. Daily runs are not timed and there is a friendly spirit among runners, not a competitive one. However, you are welcomed to track your individual run using your own fitness tracker, if that is your preference.

No. Greek Running Tours welcomes participants of all ages and abilities.

Yes, and that is what makes it so spectacular! But running up hills can be strenuous, we know. Be assured that the pace will be relaxed and there will be frequent photo and sightseeing breaks along the way to catch your breath.

Each run will be guided by a local Greek expert. Conversations will be in English, with the occasional Greek colloquial. During the run there will be water provided along with a traditional Greek energy fuel that’s been used since ancient times (a combination of honey and sesame seeds called, Pasteli).

No. If you’re not feeling it one day, you are free to take a break, or join the shorter walking route. You have complete freedom.

Along with the daily run, a shorter daily walk is planned. Non-running partners can join the daily walk, or just relax on their own. Again, you have complete freedom.

The weather in Greece can range from slightly cool to slightly warm. The tours are designed to avoid the coldest and hottest times of year. You should expect warmish daytime temperatures and comfortable evenings.

Along with your regular clothing, you’ll want to bring your running and workout gear. A lightweight jacket is good to have, and a hat is highly recommended. If you run with a water bottle or running vest, bring those, too. And if there are particular energy bars, energy gels, electrolyte tablets or hydration powders you prefer, we encourage you to bring those along as well. And lastly, remember the sunscreen.